The Five Downplays Cohen and Manafort News: ‘These Two Guys Don’t Affect People’s Lives’


On what is likely going to be considered one of the most enormous news days of the year, The Five missed an opportunity to speak much needed nutritious truth to power, instead choosing to serve up the conservative comfort food for which its viewers reliably count on.

What happened today?

Oh, only the plea deal made by Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen in which he not only admitted guilty to campaign finance violations but more importantly, DIRECTLY IMPLICATED  the sitting president of the United States. And there is also the news of former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort being found guilty of eight counts of financial fraud.

By any objective measure, today has been a disastrous political day for President Trump, and could even be just a disastrous legal day that could lead to the end of the Trump administration. So how did The Five report the news?

Diminutive cable news host Greg Gutfeld dismissed the bombshell news of  Cohen and Manafort’s guilt by claiming that these are “two men who most Americans don’t know their names,” ostensibly defending the two … because of his viewers’ ignorance?

Fox News anchor Bret Baier then brought the conversation back on track for a minute, calling Cohen’s guilty plea “a big thing if there is a direct tie between Cohen and President Trump over alleged payments and “paying off the women before the election.”

(NARRATOR: He did)

Cut back to Dagen McDowell who tried to get back on blaming the Mueller investigation in what can only be described as a confused rant that made next to no sense. Not a good day for Fox News.

By the way, if you need to know more about Gutfeld’s poetic and political license, know that he likened President Trump to punk rock legends The Ramones, a metaphor that should have resulted in career-ending public shame if any Fox News viewers had any clue what the hell he was talking about.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.

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