The Five’s Bob Beckel: MSNBC’s The Cycle ‘Stole Our Format,’ ‘Good Luck, You’ve Got No Prayer’

When the media world first got wind of MSNBC’s The Cycle, comparisons were instantly drawn between Fox News’ successful afternoon program The Five. Well, perhaps it’s no surprise that the show’s most off-the-cuff personality, Bob Beckel (he of the frequent f-bomb), tore into the MSNBC show for stealing their format and claiming they have “no prayer” of being as relevant as The Five.

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The panel was engaged in a lively discussion about Casey Anthony because it’s a slow news week. Beckel noted that Anthony’s attorney, who released a book about the ordeal, was “ripping off the system” and profit off of it. And speaking of things ripping off other things…

“It reminds me of that show, The Cycle, on MSNBC… that stole our format. If you haven’t seen it, probably because nobody watches it, but, uh, okay, good luck, you’ve got no prayer.”

Beckel clarified that the show producer didn’t want him to say that on-camera, but he brushed that aside by explaining he’s been in a “rough mood” today.

Of course, now we have to wait until Monday to see if the Cyclists (I’m coining this now, you can’t stop me) will respond.

Watch the video below, courtesy of Fox News:

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