The Five’s Juan Williams Reminds Hannity He’s Not on His Own Show: ‘It’s Not Your Monologue!’


On today’s broadcast of Fox News’ The Five, Sean Hannity was featured for a couple of segments so that he could discuss the Uranium One story and pitch the faith-based movie that he produced.

During his first segment, Hannity spoke at length about Uranium One — a story he has devoted a lot of time to recently — and how he felt it was the biggest foreign-related scandal in American history. After taking up a few minutes of airtime while explaining how he believed Hillary and Bill Clinton compromised American security, co-host Juan Williams jumped in to remind Hannity of something.

“Hold on, this is The Five, you know,” Williams stated. “It’s not your monologue!”

The rest of the panel blew up immediately after that and Hannity playfully called on Williams to “bring it.” Hannity went on to add that the show’s name was now “The Six” because he wanted to be there every day.

Williams and the rest of the panel then engaged in a debate over the Uranium One story. At one point, Williams then wanted to know from Hannity why President Donald Trump wouldn’t sign the sanctions against Russia, adding that the Fox News host is close to the president.

“You are going to have to ask the president,” Hannity answered. “I don’t know the answer.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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