The Future! Royal Wedding Might Be Broadcast In 3D

Think the British Monarchy is a stuffy and outdated institution? Well, stop thinking that. The major British broadcasters “are in joint discussions about the possibility of screening” Prince William‘s marriage to Kate Middleton in 3D, the Daily Mail reports. If the networks have their way, the royal wedding, set for April 29 at Westminster Abbey, will be seen by my millions the same way Jackass 3D was seen by millions.

The networks involved in the negotiations are the BBC, Virgin, and Sky TV, which is already known for airing sporting events in 3D. For Britons with televisions that lack the appropriate technology, the Daily Mail also reports that “the event could be screened in pubs and cinemas for mass public consumption in 3D.”

BBC Vision Director Jana Bennett cautions that the move is still speculative. “That is obviously of some interest,” she said. “But our responsibility is to bring things everybody can see on air and 3D has a very limited footprint.” Still, the networks seem eager to bring 3D televisions into mainstream living rooms, so there’s a good chance that Princess Diana’s Kate Middleton’s diamond-encrusted sapphire ring will be all the more blinding to viewers.

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