The Hoff Will Be Hasseled No More: The Hasselhoffs Canceled After Two Episodes

David Hasselhoff once promised that he would be there for TV viewers, “forever and always.” David HasselhoffUnfortunately, A&E saw things differently. Willa Paskin of Vulture reported last night that The Hoff’s brand new reality show—titled, of course, The Hasselhoffs—has been canceled already, even though only two episodes of the show have aired so far.

Both Hasselhoff and his German fans should have seen this coming, since the show’s premiere attracted a mere 718,000 viewers. Its follow-up, which aired right after the premiere, drew even fewer: 505,000.

Even so, the news is a blow to anyone who enjoys reading terrifically bitchy entertainment criticism. Here’s a taste of what writers said about The Hasselhoffs before its untimely demise: “Given the limits of his talents, reality was his only option“; “Just when psychiatrists have decided to strike narcissistic personality disorder from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (as reported last week in science journals), the Hasselhoffs make a clear case for reinstating it“; “there is clearly a script for this so-called reality show, where the painfully cheesy voiceover distracts from important things like caffeine addiction, animal psychology, and The Hoff’s multitude of eponymous tees.” Danke schoen, David—you will be missed, at least by a tiny subset of the population.

[h/t EW]

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