‘The Ice Cream of America’: ABC Anchor Comments on Inauguration’s ‘Overwhelmingly White Audience’

While covering today’s inaugural parade for ABC News, Nightline co-anchor Byron Pitts provided some commentary about the difference in racial composition between the inaugurations of Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

Responding to a colleague saying that Trump is an “optics guy,” Pitts remarked on the crowd that was gathered and related it to the racial divide in America.

“You said earlier how Donald Trump is an optics guy,” Pitts said. “He looked the part. Think about this crowd and think about the divided america. We talked about the noise of the racial divide, this is the whisper of the racial divide in America.”

He continued, “Think back to when President Obama took office for the first time. How diverse the crowd was. You saw the rainbow of America. Today this looks like the ice cream of America. Right? It is an overwhelmingly white audience.”

Check out the clip above to see the rest of the conversation.

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