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New Christine O’Donnell Clip: She’ll Stop The Whole Country From Having Sex

And it’s finally here! Just in time for Premiere Week on TV, the latest episode of “Funny, Old Clips of Christine O’Donnell” has hit the web. This time it didn’t come from Bill Maher (or even Bill O’Reilly) but from a 2003 episode of Scarborough Country. In it, O’Donnell is asked if she plans on stopping “the whole country from having sex.” She responds with an enthusiastic yes.

The video, originally posted by Greg Sargent at The Plum Line after being unearthed by a “Democratic source,” honestly brings some diminishing returns. O’Donnell’s clearly in the middle of a heated argument and probably misheard the question. Even if you disagree with O’Donnell’s stances now or then (let’s be honest, teenagers are like “dogs in heat”) no one is really going to think that O’Donnell actually believed she should or could stop sex in America. All anyone is going to get out of this latest video is that 2003 hairstyles suited her just a little bit better than those of the 90s and that the media still likes making fun of her.

Side note: Dr. Ruth is there!

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