The Magicians Who Trolled Sky News Were Really Trolling the Internet


The Internet went ballistic overnight when video of UK magicians Young & Strange apparently trolling a live Sky News broadcast with reporter Ashish Joshi went viral. Everyone from Huffington Post UK to MTV covered the brief clip, which eventually made its way onto Reddit.

The duo teased their plans in early July with a vague tweet about pulling something off:

Weeks later, they published a large clip about taking their Las Vegas act to television, sans television show:

Unfortunately for them, this first clip was largely ignored. So they shortened it to include just the apparent videobomb on Sky News:

It worked, because that’s when the Internet lost its marbles. Everyone assumed the conservative British news service had been had. Yet it turns out the channel was in on the act all along:

It was, like all magic tricks, a gigantic facade. You’ve all been had, ladies and gentleman. Welcome to the Internet.

For clarification, check out the complete clip that the boys originally tweeted on July 21:

[h/t Reddit]
[Image via screengrab]

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