‘The Making of Gutter Oil’: Exposé Reveals Horrid Origins of Chinese Cooking Products

The Washington Post’s Max Fisher stumbled across a unique exposé which he promises viewers will make them think twice about ever eating Chinese street foods again. A documentary video uncovers the truth behind Chinese cooking “gutter oil” which, along with a variety of animal products, is essentially sewage.

“Cooking oil is used heavily in Chinese food, so some street vendors and hole-in-the-wall restaurants buy cheap, black market oil that’s been recycled from garbage,” Fisher wrote.

The video, produced by Radio Free Asia, features a woman using a sieve to rescue some unidentifiable slop from a sewer which is then converted into oil for cooking.

The narrator revealed that one tenth of Chinese cooking oil is estimated to be “gutter oil” which has been found to contain carcinogens and “other toxins.” The majority of this oil is used in food produced by low-quality restaurants and street vendors.

“Police have arrested scores of people across the country in recent years for engaging in the trade and seized thousands of tons of the material,” the narrator reports.

Watch the video below via Radio Free Asia:

h/t Washington Post

[Photo via screen grab]

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