The Most Obvious Scientific Discoveries Of 2010

CNN is wrapping up 2010 by taking a look at the most obvious scientific discoveries of the past year. You know the sort: research-based “findings” that are emailed your way by certain relatives, along with a .gif of Mickey Mouse giving a thumbs up… or that are used as time-fillers by news networks and blogs on particularly slow news days.

Among the findings CNN rounded up is one noting that meth can be hazardous to the unborn (in addition, of course, to the already-born), although, to be fair, the study did highlight specific developmental concerns brought upon by exposure to the drug. Science also taught us that bullies pick on the vulnerable, that prolonged and copious use of weed can make it difficult to, like, focus, and that healthy habits like eating right and getting regular exercise can help a person lose weight.

What discoveries will 2011 bring to our attention? That snow, when it has accumulated on the ground to a certain degree, must be plowed? That water, in its liquid state, is fairly wet? Or, perhaps, that prolonged exposure to The Oprah Winfrey Show will cause viewers to spontaneously combust in a fireball of glitter and panic.

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