The Most Ridiculous Benghazi Comparisons of 2014


CNN had MH370. MSNBC had (to a far lesser extent) Bridgegate.

But nobody can touch Fox News and Benghazi, where the 2012 attack on the American compound in Libya was an always-breaking story. According to one estimate Fox referenced Benghazi over 1,000 times in the past year. (This was despite multiple congressional reports dispelling the channel’s talking points.)

With a finite amount of fresh news being generated about an incident that occurred two years ago, the network’s cadre of hosts, anchors, pundits, guests, contributors, and passersby had to stretch to involve Benghazi in the given day’s news cycle. And stretch they did:


Andrea Tantaros become the first Fox News host to find a connection between missing flight MH370 and Benghazi, when she said the media’s supposed avoidance of the family members “feels like the families of Benghazi, just saying. And we’re better than that.”

Secret Service Scandal

The White House fence-jumper who made it into the East Room reminded Outnumbered co-host Harris Faulkner of another security breach. “I couldn’t help but let my mind just flow to something else, another asset that we didn’t protect, the U.S. outpost in Benghazi, Libya. I don’t want to say that this is a trend, but smells like it.”

She wasn’t the only one trend-sniffing around the Secret Service. Historian Ronald Kessler called the agency’s actions following a prostitution scandal in Colombia a “clear-cut cover up, even more clear-cut than Benghazi.”

NFL Domestic Abuse Scandal


After a day’s worth of mockery:

Washington Football Team Controversy

After Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) sent a letter to the Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder imploring him to change the team’s racist name and logo, Eric Bolling wondered where such scrutiny was for Benghazi.

“We can’t get the Senate to talk about Benghazi, because Harry Reid won’t bring it to the floor, but he’s gonna bring this to the floor,” Bolling said.

Boko Haram

There’s no foolin’ former Representative Allen West, who saw through Michelle Obama’s #BringBackOurGirls campaign and called it a Wag the Dog-style distraction campaign from Benghazi.

“What better time than right now, to create the straw man of Boko Haram, another distraction for which no real action will take place,” West wrote. “Gotta give it to the Democrats, they know how to make life imitate art. Sadly, as a nation we’re falling for another episode of liberal progressive Wag the Dog.”

He wasn’t the only one. Fox contributor Laura Ingraham wondered where all the Boko Haram-level outrage was over the attack on the American compound. “Where was that powerful drumbeat for justice against those who slaughtered American citizens in Benghazi?” she demanded. “Have they ever demanded that we ‘use all resources’ to get to the bottom of what happened that night?”

Russia’s Invasion of Crimea

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who’s made a cottage industry out of Benghazi-themed cable news appearances, alleged that Russian President and 2005 Super Bowl champion Vladimir Putin’s invasion of the Crimean peninsula was enabled by President Barack Obama’s response (or lack thereof) to Benghazi.


How could Chris Christie have “missed” the Bridgegate scandal festering in his administration? Happens all the time, said Rudy Giuliani. “He was in campaign mode at the time,” Giuliani explained. “During campaign mode, you miss a lot of things. You’re not paying as much attention. We see that with Benghazi.”

Bowe Bergdahl

Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee Buck McKeon (R-CA) said the Obama administration’s allegedly shape-shifting story about the release of captured Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was “playing out much like Benghazi, where they kind of do or don’t do something, and then kind of come up with a story afterwards of why they did or didn’t do something.”

Wall Street Journal columnist Bret Stephens echoed the same, calling the admin’s handling of the Bergdahl fallout “far more disturbing to me than Benghazi.”

McKeon promised hearings — HEEEEEAAAAARINGS! — just like Benghazi as well. If past is prologue, his colleagues will simply disown those hearings’ results if they don’t indict the White House.

Geraldo’s Chest



Sharyl Attkinson needed only the slightest of pretenses to go full-Benghazi on Sony’s pulling of The Interview. “To date, the only person held accountable in the whole Benghazi debacle and someone who is utterly devoid of fault, ironically,” she said. (Greg Gutfeld got in on the fun.)

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