The Next Zimmerman? Fox Reports On 76-Year-Old White Man On Trial For Killing 13-Year-Old Black Child

With the George Zimmerman murder trial over, the cable news industry will likely moving on to other stories any day now. This evening on Fox, Shepard Smith brought up a trial happening in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that is “so similar to the Zimmerman case that the judge in this new trial warned the jury don’t even think about what happened in Florida.”

Lawyers in the murder trial of 76-year-old John Spooner apparently had trouble finding jurors whose views of the case have not been tainted by the Zimmerman coverage. Spooner is on trial for shooting and killing a 13-year-old African-American kid named Darius Simmons. But as Fox reporter Gregg Jarrett explained, Spooner is not claiming self-defense, but rather that “mental illness drove him to mistakenly believe that his young neighbor had stolen some guns from his home” and that “he didn’t intend to kill” Simmons. In this case, there is surveillance video of Spooner shooting the young boy, who had his hands up, multiple times.

Prosecutors plan to argue that Spooner actively profiled Simmons because he was black. Jarrett quoted one juror, who was ultimately not selected for the trial as saying, “There was a group that was unhappy about the injustice in the Zimmerman case. They hoped there wouldn’t be another injustice in this case.” He said the judge cautioned jurors to “only to act as jurors in this case.”

Watch video below, via Fox News:

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