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The Nightmare That Is Life For Workers Inside Crippled Nuke Plant: ‘They’re Probably Terrified’

Fifty workers remain on the job at Fukushima’s crippled Dai-ichi nuclear power plant. They’re working heroically to avert a nuclear disaster and risking their own lives in the process, as conditions inside the plant have made it one of deadliest workplaces in the world. AOL’s Dana Kennedy has drawn a picture of what life may be like for the workers, “cut off from the outside world in a stricken plant.”

“They’re like the firefighters who went into the World Trade Center,” Francois Perchet, a former nuclear reactor manager, told AOL News. The most pressing concern for the workers inside the plant is radiation, which rose–but has since fallen–to a frightening 400 millisieverts:

To put that into perspective, the average annual dose limit for nuclear power plant operators in many countries is just 20 millisieverts, and most don’t absorb more than one millisievert in a year, said Jonathan Billowes, a professor of nuclear physics at the University of Manchester.

As a retired nuclear physicist told Kennedy, working around radiation is “scary,” and the workers have faced a succession of challenges:

“First the earthquake, then the tsunami took out their generators. You can be sure they feel a huge sense of responsibility to fix this, but they are in a tough spot. They’re professionals, but they’re probably terrified too.”

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