The Only Person in the World Who Liked Batman vs. Superman Was Fox News Movie Critic


The reviews for Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice have been so bad, even the currently deadlocked Supreme Court handed down an 8-0 decision. The film’s had more bad buzz than a warm Pabst Blue Ribbon keg. It’s really been that bad. But never fear, because there is one film critic who actually loved Batman vs. Superman, and it is Kevin McCarthy (not that Kevin McCarthy), proprietor of and film reviewer for Fox News, who gave the film “four out of five”:

It’s a great movie. Delivers what the fans want. You will be nerding out during the fight scene. It gives you exactly what you want. I gave it a four out of five.

Four out of five what? McCarthy doesn’t say, but given the current market, I’d say he’s still in line to have his name included in a future Dawn of Justice ad blurb. Hell, they’ll probably use him twice, like “Four somethings out of five! – Kevin McCarthy,” “Delivers what the fans want! – McCarthy, Kevin.”

I haven’t seen the film, and to be honest, I agree with Steve Doocy: if there’s a scenario in which a human can beat Superman, then you probably picked the wrong guy to name “Superman.” However, there actually is someone else, not a film critic, whose review of the movie convinced me to join the bazillion people who have already loaded the film’s coffers with a $420 million worldwide opening and give the film a chance. Writing on his personal blog, Redstate editor Caleb Howe makes the case that this film isn’t just critic-proof, it’s critic Kryptonite:

This is not a Movie Review, but it’s my first review of a movie. I’m writing fresh off seeing because people should do that. The movie is supposed to entertain you when you see it. Reviewing it five days later after you’ve poked a hundred holes in it defeats the purpose of going to see a movie at the theater. Although as I said, this is not a Movie Review. Not my skill set. It’s just that, after seeing the overwhelming amount of hating that Batman v Superman was getting, I decided to see for myself.

I loved it.

Look, I hear you, critics. You want it to be the right length, you want the storylines limited. But, and this may surprise you, superhero movies aren’t exactly made for critics. Here is what was good about it.

(skipping many spoilers) …Every movie has faults. But this idea that Batman V Superman is some kind of movie disaster is mind-boggling to me. It was an awesome movie experience and I think it will stand the test of time as one of the great comic book movies.

There are, of course, several movie genres for which movie critics are ill-equipped, but there’s an argument to be made that the superhero isn’t just a different genre of film, but an entirely different medium altogether, in need of its own specialized critical class.

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