‘The Police State’s Here!’ Dan Bongino Flips OUT on Fox News After Trump Arrest Rant


Fox News host Dan Bongino went off on the “progressive socialist left” and the “police state” on Fox & Friends Saturday, saying Republicans should flee “maniac” blue states where they have “zero rights” after Donald Trump posted on Truth Social that he expects to be arrested next week.

Trump’s Saturday morning rant on his Truth Social platform claiming he’ll be arrested Tuesday kicked off a whirlwind in politics and media.

Bongino was on air not long after the posts went live, and said that it’s now “inarguable” the “police state” is here.

Bongino blasted blue states and progressives, inviting “libs” to “plant a big wet one on my rump because I really have no desire to hear you right now.”

“This is the kind of story you’re used to reading out of North Korea, but it’s here in the United States right now,” said Bongino.

He warned the “MAGA crowd and conservatives” that “these people will hurt you if given the opportunity,” and advised getting out of “New York City and any other maniac lunatic blue state” across the country because you “have zero rights in these places.”

“When they want you, they will come and get you,” he said.

Yeah. Listen, the police state’s here, guys. So that’s inarguable to, you know, the libs listening, you know, you can again, plant a big wet one on my rump because I really have no desire to hear you right now as you’re celebrating again the collapse of the constitutional republic. The police state’s here.

You know, it’s not as if Donald Trump’s sons were caught on, caught on tape talking to their dad about illicit business deals or anything with foreign communist parties and nuclear-powered enemies of the United States shuttling millions of dollars to the Trump fa–Oh, that’s right. That’s right. That’s the Biden family. Oh, God. Sorry, guys. I forgot. You know, as a commentator, I should be really up on the news and stuff.

But the police state and this abomination is here right now. This is third-world b.s. That’s exactly what this is. This is the kind of story you’re used to reading out of North Korea, but it’s here in the United States right now. And the fact that media people and the liberals will celebrate this shows you what I’ve said all along. An axiomatic truth of the left.

Listen, everyone at home turn up the volume right now. So you understand: I’m not talking about all Democrats. I want to be clear on this. I don’t stereotype like they do to us. The progressive socialist left. the Identity politics left – Make no mistake, they don’t think you’re people with bad ideas. You MAGA crowd and conservative people out there. They think you’re bad people with ideas. That justifies in their mind anything they will do — listen to me clearly: These people will hurt you if given the opportunity.

I use my words very deliberately. I’ve seen them. I’ve stared them in the face when I walked out of the White House when President Trump was renominated and I had an Antifa BLM person look me in the face and tell me he was going to rape my wife. These people will hurt you. Make no mistake.

Another thing about this, too, guys. Again, if you’re a lefty at home and you know you’re wetting your diaper over what I’m saying and saying, Oh my gosh, this isn’t true, if you think about it, what’s the hallmark of a police state versus a legitimate constitutional republic? Well in a constitutional republic, you have rights and those rights can only be taken away if there is evidence of a crime, probable cause you’ve committed a crime. So what happens? Someone walks into an FBI office or a police station and says, ‘Hey, I was mugged,’ and the police investigate that crime, right? In search of the mugger who did it? That’s not the country we live in anymore. We now live in a country where you can walk into the FBI or Alvin Bragg’s office and say, hey, I’m a Democrat, I don’t like Donald Trump. And you investigate the person and then you find the crime later. Wasn’t it was it [inaudible] who said that? The Soviet Union. Kind of sounds like what’s happening here.

If you really believe that a campaign alleg– and by the way, that’s even a stretch — campaign pay off from a woman he’s alleged to have had some kind of relationship with is worth arresting a former president, you are freaking crazy and should seek mental health attention as soon as possible.

I mean, think about what’s going on here, right? Donald Trump has simply been accused, before he was president, of doing what Bill Clinton admitted to in the bathroom of the Oval Office. Is Bill Clinton under arrest? Nope. No, wait. I’m not done.

To the people in New York City and any other maniac lunatic blue state out there. California, Illinois, Maryland. Listen to me, please. I grew up in New York and ran for office in Maryland and all these states. Well, I’d get out as soon as you can. I am not kidding. You have zero rights in these places. They’re talking about escape taxes for you and everything else.

If this can happen to a former president, you have absolutely zero rights. No serious person thinks this is a crime worth expending taxpayer dollars on. Not a single person on planet earth believes that, who’s serious. Get out of these states as soon as you can. You have no chance in front of one of their juries. You have no chance in front of one of their judges. You have no chance with their prosecutors. Get out. You are effectively living in a place where when they want you, they will come and get you.

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