‘The President is a Big Boy’: CNN’s John King Mocks Trump for Not Allowing Reporters to Attend EO Signing

Following the announcement that President Donald Trump had signed a new executive order implementing a new travel ban on several Muslim-majority countries (and public statements given by Trump cabinet members but not by Trump himself), CNN host John King criticized the president for hiding from the press.

“Look how the president signed this,” CNN senior White House correspondent Jeff Zeleny noted. “In fact, we can’t look at it. The media was not allowed in the oval office. This is a president in the first six weeks or so who seems to me to love signing executive orders. He holds them up.”

King then weighed in while also explaining why they wouldn’t provide a White House photo from the signing released to the press.

“We won’t show you the picture of the president signing an executive order that was incredibly important to his administration and a very important policy debate in our country,” King noted. “We will not show you the picture because we have a policy that you cannot have canned press release pictures from a White House.”

He continued, “You have to let the reporters in. The president is a big boy. He doesn’t have to answer questions if they’re shouted at him, but they wouldn’t let anybody in because of the other issue front and center today. That is the president saying that he believes his predecessor somehow wiretapped him during last year’s campaign.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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