The Simpsons Takes Another Swipe At Fox News: ‘Unsuitable For Viewers Under 75’

Writers and producers of America’s favorite cartoon family The Simpsons appear to delight in taking shots at their corporate overlords, or more to their point, their corporate cousins Fox News. Just last week they mocked the cable news channel with a fictional FNC slogan emblazoned on a helicopter that read “Not Racist But #1 With Racists.” Last night the took another shot at the cable news outlet, this time making fun of the alleged elderly set that tunes in to Fox News.

For the record, The Simpsons is broadcast on Fox Broadcasting, with is owned by News Corp, which also owns Fox News. The producers and writers behind the the comedy show have creative license to mock their corporate family, of which they appear to take full advantage. Just last week, Bill O’Reilly fired back at Simpsons producers for the racist bit, calling them “pinheads,” a slang term that some believe comes from the late 1930s.

(H/T BusinessInsider)

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