The Situation Room Sees Double With Suzanne Malveaux And Her Twin Sister

No, that’s not a CNN Hologram, and Jack Cafferty doesn’t need his glasses. Today, filling in for host Wolf Blitzer, Suzanne Malveaux discussed the developments in Elena Kagan‘s Congressional hearings with Catholic University Columbia Law School professor Suzette Malveaux— her twin sister.

Prof. Malveaux discussed the implications of Kagan’s answers to various questions during her hearings and her chances of getting hired, as well as noting the fact that Kagan seemed to be playing it somewhat safe, and, as for public reception to the answers, well, most Americans can’t name a single Supreme Court justice. At the conclusion of the segment, Suzanne Malveaux asks her sister to sub for her tomorrow, hoping no one will notice.

But by far the best part of the clip is Jack Cafferty, who seems genuinely confused when informed that he got two Malveauxs for the price of one today.

Video below:

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