‘The Strategy Makes No Sense’: CNN’s Abby Phillip Baffled By Republican Embrace of Trump’s Unfounded Voter Fraud Claims


CNN political correspondent Abby Phillip was baffled by the Republican Party’s embrace of President Donald Trump declaring himself a victim of widespread voter fraud, calling out their solidarity with conspiracy theories as nonsensical.

“This is all just so incredibly shortsighted on the part of the president and of his allies on Capitol Hill and elsewhere,” Phillips said at the start of the segment on CNN late Thursday night.

“The president is in a situation where the best thing that he can do is just wait for the votes to be counted because anything other than that is a complete Hail Mary pass that is highly unlikely to work,” she added. “He has a lot of problems on this map right now, Jake [Tapper]. It’s not just Pennsylvania. It’s not just Georgia. Yes, he’s closing the gap in Arizona, but he is trailing in Nevada still. And he absolutely has to win in both Pennsylvania and in Georgia in order to have a chance at getting to 270 electoral votes.”

Phillip further stated that the Trump campaign’s plan of banking a victory on the Supreme Court ruling in their favor was untenable.

“To simply claim there is widespread fraud coast to coast and hope that the Supreme Court steps in, in five states,” she stated. “That is not going to work.”

“At the end of the day, yes, we need to wait for the votes to be counted, but the strategy makes no sense. It is a strategic blunder on their part because there is no argument to be made that in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, and in Nevada, there was so much fraud that the Supreme Court has to step in and hand this back to Donald Trump if he loses this fair and square,” Phillip concluded.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper agreed and expressed frustration over Republican efforts to stop mail-in voting with a personal anecdote about his own mother being a voter from Philadelphia.

“My mom lives in Philadelphia. She is in her late 70s. She does not want to get coronavirus. And she voted by mail. Her ballot is among them. She’s an American citizen. She gets to have it counted,” Tapper stated, calling attempts to stop the votes from being counted “disgraceful.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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