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The Top 10 Most Bizarre Celebrity Congressional Testimonies

We all remember when Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert testified before Congress in 2010, right?

That was pretty bizarre, but it actually wasn’t the most bizarre celebrity testimony ever. It was actually quite predictable when you think about it. It is Colbert after all — he of various political stunts.

Celebrity testimonies are actually quite common. The usual suspects like George Clooney (talking Darfur), Charlton Heston (gun rights), Michael J. Fox (stem cell research), and Alec Baldwin (arts funding) have all made their way to Capitol Hill in recent years. Who could forget Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich‘s vilified testimony over file sharing and music copyright laws?

But there are plenty of celebrity testimonies you may not have known about… and plenty of them are truly bizarre. We’ve made a list below.


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