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The Trippiest Segment Of Morning Joe Ever

Dude. There wasn’t much “Business Before The Bell” this morning during Erin Burnett‘s usual segment on Morning Joe Instead, there was something…else.

I wish I could explain what took place, but instead I just felt like the sober guy at the party.

Let’s try to break this down. It started with Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough introducing Burnett as she usually does, but when it came time for Burnett to start talking, she said, “Are you guys looking at me or are you looking at a weird thing right there?”

“Um, I have no idea what you’re talking about,” said Scarborough, which let to some chuckles. Burnett wasn’t done. She continued wondering aloud whether she was actually on camera (“Yes! Is this the first time you’ve done this?” asked Scarborough), before finally talking about the new OPEC report and Google. For about 30 seconds. Then she just admits, “I’m very confused,” and the laughter in the 30 Rock studio continues.

“Let’s do shots sometime soon,” said Brzezinski, while Burnett talked about a “weird tasting thing” she had back at CNBC. Making matters..trippier, Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” played throughout the end of the segment. (Potential new MSNBC slogan: “Lean Forward And Pass That, Bro.”)

Maybe this was all a viral marketing campaign for Willie Geist‘s new book, out today. Or maybe we should investigate that “weird tasting thing.” Here’s the segment from MSNBC this morning:

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