The Truth Is In The Lyrics: Fox & Friends Goes After WH Contradicting Jay-Z About Approving Cuba Trip

After Jay-Z and Beyoncé‘s trip to Cuba elicited a wave of controversy, Jay-Z released an “Open Letter” song responding to it all. In it, he notes he got White House clearance for the trip, which Press Secretary Jay Carney denied, saying such requests go through the Treasury Department. Fox & Friends was a bit suspicious of their stories not matching up, with Brian Kilmeade declaring that for the truth, he looks to the lyrics.

“If I want to find out the truth behind the story, I do what I always do: I look at the rap lyrics,” he asserted. “And the truth finally got out.”

The hosts pointed out that Carney and Jay-Z were contradicting each other about who authorized the trip — with Gretchen Carlson wondering whether the relationship with the rapper and President Obama was a bit “frosty” now (“he says he can’t trust any politician”).

They even went the extra mile sending correspondent Anna Kooiman on a mini man-on-the-street mission to get New Yorkers’ thoughts on this pressing issue. (Spoiler: They were “a bit skeptical.”) The first man she spoke to (who is actually from Texas) pointed to the obvious relationship between celebrities and the White House. He went on to add the cherry on top of the Fox & Friends cake by lamenting the special treatment celebrities get based on “the amount of money and support they give to the White House. Money buys treatment, sort of like a lobbyist.”

Take a look, via Fox News:

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