50 Cent Tells The View That He Named His Dog ‘Oprah’ As An Insult

Well, today was a weird day! 50 Cent was on The View, looking pretty uncomfortable, to promote a new book he wrote on bullying, and also a line of headphones he designed that are linked to a charity that provides meals to people in third world countries with every purchase.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck was the audience surrogate here, expressing surprise that the rapper was also such a devoted philanthropist. He explained that his interest in world hunger is born out of a desire to do the right thing, and that his goal is to help feed one billion people. Totally cool, right?

Then things took a turn for the strange, when 50 explained that he named his (very tiny, and sort of ugly) dog “Oprah” as an insult to Oprah Winfrey herself, because he used to think she was anti-rap. But now he loves the dog, and also loves Oprah! Who names their pet after someone they hate, guaranteeing that they will have to hear that person’s name several dozen times per day? Also, why does 50 Cent have the tiniest dog ever?

Watch the clip here, via ABC:

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