The View’s Barbara Walters Admits ‘I Shoplifted’

The View panel got a bit heated while discussing the case of a 58-year-old woman who was fired from her job after her employer discovered that she had been arrested for shoplifting and failed to disclose the arrest on her job application. The fly in the ointment is that the arrest occurred forty years ago, when she was a teenager. Should an old record matter so much?

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck thought the woman’s successful career after a shoplifting arrest was a “great redemption story,” but thought that an equally qualified person with no record at all might feel that they were the better choice for the job. Sherri Shepherd disagreed, saying most people have a youthful indiscretion or two in their past.

“I shoplifted,” Barbara Walters interrupted, prompting gasps from the audience.

“You bring napkins from the White House,” Elisabeth accused her.

“That’s okay!”

“No it’s not!”

Then Joy Behar interrupted to remind everyone that they have probably been at a party where a joint was passed around at least once, and Whoopi Goldberg asked Barbara what she took, which I initially took to mean what drugs Barbara used to do, but she meant that she wanted to know what Barbara stole. You can see Barbara’s answer in the clip below:

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