The View Blasts Trump’s Threat to Pull Clearances For Ex-Intel Officials: Sounds Like an ‘Enemies List’


As President Donald Trump weighs whether to yank security clearances from Obama-era officials as retribution for their criticism of his relationship with Russia, hosts of The View sounded the alarm, concerned it was merely an attempt to undercut his opponents.

“I’m not comfortable with vindictiveness,” Whoppi Goldberg said. “Because to me that’s very dictatorship[-like], and so for me, it’s uncomfortable because it means if you just kind of let this one go and then you let the next one go and you let the next one go, and when they come for you there’s nobody looking. So I don’t know if it’s a good idea for anyone who’s running the country to say, you know, I don’t like how you talk about me. I’m taking your stuff.”

Joy Behar echoed Goldberg’s remarks, noting that the news comes amid scandal over the Michael Cohen tapes and outcry over stalled reunification of immigrant families, underscoring that “all this is going on while this idiot is talking about clearances which is useless.”

Pushing suspicion of Trump’s decision to reconsider the clearances even further, Sunny Hostin wondered whether history was repeating itself.

“Does it worry you that this sounds a little bit like an enemy list,” she asked Meghan McCain. “It hearkens back to sort of McCarthyism. Doesn’t that worry you?”

“Anyone with the last name McCain is on the top of Trump’s enemy list, so honestly I’ve got my own battles to fight,” McCain replied.

Watch the clip above via The View.

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