comScore The View Breaks Down ‘Painful’ WH Briefing on Stormy Daniels: Sarah Sanders is an ‘Amateur Liar’

The View Breaks Down ‘Painful’ WH Briefing on Stormy Daniels: Sarah Sanders is an ‘Amateur Liar’

The View discussed Stormy Daniels this morning and started with the fact that Sarah Huckabee Sanders had essentially confirmed the existence of an NDA by saying that the “case has already been won in arbitration.”

“It’s been reported that trump was very, very upset with Sarah Sanders for basically confirming the fact that an arbitration happened and that this NDA does exist,” Sunny Hostin said.

“Can I just say one thing about her? That girl is an amateur liar. Her boss is a professional,” Joy Behar said. “She’s not good enough of a liar. Like out of the mouths of babes comes the truth, you know. It was almost like painful to watch that.”

Guest host Deborah Roberts took it in a different direction and talked about the ick factor of the whole story.

“When my son is having breakfast in the morning and we’re hearing the president and the porn star it makes me feel icky. As a journalist too, having to wallow in the mud in this tabloid story is so uncomfortable.”

“Not to gross you out, Deborah, but I found out what oral sex was because of Bill Clinton so I don’t think it’s exactly new territory on how tawdry things are,” Meghan McCain said with all the disdain she could muster. “I will say that Sarah Huckabee Sanders — I always liked her because she did a really good job for her father’s campaign, in Iowa when he ultimately ended up winning in 2008. We thought she was really smart. There are a lot of tenets she’s not living by, never complain, never explain, control the narrative. All of these things she’s not doing.”

“I think there’s someone that can control the narrative better than they’re doing now,” McCain added.

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