The View Hosts Wonder If Bristol Palin Can Really Be A Born-Again Virgin

The co-hosts jumped immediately into a discussion of Bristol Palin’s decision to move in with her boyfriend, a development which Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar seemed to view as Palin reneging on her vow of born-again virginity. Elisabeth Hasselbeck was of the mind that it was definitely possible for two young people in their twenties who are dating to live together and stay celibate — in face, she referred to “born again virginity” as her “method of birth control now.” Whaaaaat. She made the reasonable point that young girls should know that consenting to sex once doesn’t mean they can’t withdraw that consent later on, but Sherri Shepherd argued that Bristol Palin has more of an obligation to be a role model, given that she has publicly stated her intention to be celibate following the birth of her son.

Soon, however, the discussion turned to the real problem — Palin’s, um, questionable taste in men? Apparently this new guy is fond of writing really dumb things online. Like the N-word. On his Facebook cage. In the words of Joy Behar, “the kid’s an idiot.” And in the wise words of Whoopi Goldberg, “Did ANYONE go to school?” You can see the clip here via ABC:

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