Bristol Palin’s Show Inspires Elisabeth Hasselbeck & Whoopi Goldberg To, Uh. Re-Enact Giving Birth

The View panel was discussing a clip from Bristol Palin’s new reality show, “Life’s A Tripp” (yup) in which she was reduced to tears when her sister Willow Palin left after a visit, realizing how far she was going to be from her family. Elisabeth Hasselbeck was very sympathetic — not, as she said “because [she’s] a Republican,” but because she’s so grateful to have her husband around to help her raise her kids and couldn’t imagine not having that support. Joy Behar could also relate, telling a half-joking story about how terrified she was to leave the hospital with her husband after giving birth to her daughter.

Then Whoopi Goldberg decided to raise the bar, telling the audience how freaked out she was to give birth at all (Hasselbeck jumped in at this point to do a re-enactment of the blessed event, crouching in front of Goldberg like the catcher in a baseball game), and how upset she was to see that babies are not so great to look at when they’ve just been born. Behar couldn’t relate to this; she was passed out, you see.

“I was awake, and I was PISSED!” Goldberg yelled. “Put it back! Put it back!” Just another day at the office. You can see the clip here via ABC:

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