The View Buries Bloomberg’s About-Face on Stop and Frisk: ‘Where Did the Epiphany Come From? Come On!’

The panel of The View, on Monday, slammed Michael Bloomberg’s apology for defending stop and frisk policing during his tenure as New York City mayor.

Bloomberg apologized for the practice when he spoke at a church over the weekend amid his possible entrance into the 2020 presidential race. Bloomberg’s remarks drew an icy reception from The View’s audience. Co-host Sunny Hostin followed the clip by bringing up statistics showing how stop and frisk largely targeted minorities and was “very ineffective” for tackling crime.

After Meghan McCain panned Bloomberg for his dismissiveness toward Joe Biden’s “apology tour,” Hostin continued to bash the ex-mayor by saying “he still doesn’t get it.” When Joy Behar asked Hostin if Bloomberg can be forgiven, she answered “I don’t think so because it doesn’t appear to be truthful. It seems very disingenuous to me.”

“In January, you’re saying yes, I still believe this, and now you’re running for the presidency, and all of a sudden a couple of months later, you don’t believe it?” Hostin asked rhetorically. “Where did the epiphany come from? Come on!”

“The epiphany comes from he wants to win,” Behar responded, and Whoopi Goldberg agreed that Bloomberg’s record makes his apology unconvincing.

Watch above, via ABC.

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