The View Buries Devin Nunes For Denying Contact With Lev Parnas: ‘If It Wasn’t So Insane, You’d Cry’


Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) was thoroughly mocked on The View in light of a recent revelation about his contact with Lev Parnas.

The ABC show aired clips of Parnas, the indicted associate of Rudy Giuliani, speaking with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and CNN’s Anderson Cooper, where Parnas thoroughly implicated President Donald Trump and his allies on the Ukraine scandal. Whoopi Goldberg laughed throughout this opening, and she brought up how Nunes initially claimed to not know Parnas before he admitted it Wednesday night on Fox News.

“I picked up my phone, it rang, and someone I didn’t know was on the other end,” Goldberg said in a mocking parody of the congressman. “I’m sending everybody clutching pearls. It is just — if it wasn’t so insane, you’d cry.”

Abby Huntsman followed up by saying Nunes “clearly knew more than he ever said” when the House Intelligence Committee was conducting their hearings on the scandal.

“I think his story represents a bigger picture here of people putting their own self and their political interests over what is good for the country,” Huntsman continued. “Time and time again this story is the president putting what he wants politically in his self-interest over the country.”

“This guy was out there defending Trump. Now we know he was defending himself,” Joy Behar chimed in. “So whenever you see them defending Trump, remember they were in on it too.”

Sunny Hostin noted how Nunes said Parnas had his cell phone number.

“He is a member of Congress. Since when does someone have your cell phone number?” she asked. “I understand calling the congressional office because everyone can get that phone number. Would Lev Parnas have his cell phone number and call him over and over and over?”

Meghan McCain noted Parnas is the latest Trump-world figure on an apology tour, and she urged him to come on the show.

“Take a little time to enjoy our view,” she said, and the co-hosts encouraged her invitation.

Watch above, via ABC.

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