The View Celebrates Omarosa’s Humiliation: ‘She’s Just Been so Nasty to…So Many Women of Color’


Omarosa Manigault is alleged to have made her exit from the White House as memorable as some of her iconic reality TV appearances, with reports accusing the Trump staffer of screaming vulgarities at Chief of Staff John Kelly and sneaking back on the grounds after being “physically dragged” away.

The general reaction from media figures over Omarosa’s ouster has been one of bemusement, with a slight tilt toward outright mockery.

Now, the hosts of The View have weighed in on the former Celebrity Apprentice star, who once said we would all have to “bow down” to President Donald Trump.

Sunny Hostin began the pile-on, calling Omarosa a “pariah” in the black community.

“I think she’s a pariah because she’s always sort of been a villain, and I think her job as director of outreach in the African-American community was almost a slap in the face to the African-American community,” she said.

Meghan McCain, a Republican, took umbrage with the news that Omarosa was likely seeking a book deal, making the point that this kind of behavior seems to be common in the Trump administration.

“I feel like everyone in the Trump White House wants to also continue on the president’s legacy of reality television and continue to be famous and write books,” she said. “I like people who don’t want to do book deals.”

“If you want to be in media, be in media.”

The most scorn, however, was heaped by Whoopi Goldberg, who seemed to still be smarting from Omarosa’s combative January appearance on the show.

“I hope you find something to do, O. I do, I do. And I hope that you find your people, because maybe they’re looking for you,” she said. “She’s just been so nasty to so many women, and so many women of color. So many women of color. And I just, you know, never mind.”

In other news, Goldberg once starred in a movie as a hard-nosed cop forced to partner up with a Converse-wearing dinosaur. This is real. Google it.

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