comScore The View Clashes Over Trump’s Rhetoric After Shooting: ‘I Jump Wherever I Damn Please, OK?!’

The View Clashes Over Trump’s Rhetoric After Shooting: ‘I Jump Wherever I Damn Please, OK?!’


The View kicked off this morning with discussion of the mail bombs sent to Democrats this past week and the murder of 11 Jews in a Pittsburgh synagogue Saturday.

And the issue of tone and civility came up, with Sunny Hostin saying that “while I would never say that this administration is directly responsible for an individual’s actions, I do think, in a sense, our country is in a place that it’s never been before because the tone is coming from the top.”

“It’s okay to ‘otherize’ people,” she added, while Joy Behar brought up the president’s “good people on both sides” remarks.

Abby Huntsman talked about the horrific attack on the Jewish community before noting that the shooter “actually hated Trump,” in part because he had Jews in his orbit.

Behar said “crazies” having guns is certainly a problem and that more laws are needed. Meghan McCain said in response, “I didn’t think we were going to have a conversation about AR-15s, but I’m happy to. I wanted to have a conversation about tolerance.”

And on the subject of tolerance, McCain said, “I think that people on the left also have to take some culpability.”

She pointed to Keith Ellison and Women’s March co-chair Tamika Mallory‘s associations with Louis Farrakhan, given his history of anti-Semitic comments.

“All the way around, we should hold everyone accountable for what’s going on, not just only on the right,” McCain said. “Which, I do agree, Trump has a lot of things to answer for, especially starting with having Steve Bannon work in the White House.”

Towards the end of the segment, Goldberg too brought up numerous examples of Trump’s divisive rhetoric, including the president continuing to go after the “fake news” as the “enemy of the people” after the CNN bomb threat.

“It would be great to share the love, but if we’re trying to teach kids how to respond to each other, and the head guy isn’t really helping, you know, we do have to figure out what to do,” she said.

In the next segment, which was about the responsibility of the media and social media in policing hate, Behar said, “The media should stop covering those rallies of his. That’s my one recommendation.”

“That seems like a logical response to that question,” McCain dryly responded. “I mean, come on, we’re talking about social media’s impact, and we jump to Trump’s rallies.”

“I jump wherever I damn please, okay?!” Behar shot back.

You can watch both clips above, via ABC.

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