The View Co-Hosts Take On HBO’s Game Change

This morning, The View panel took on HBO’s Game Change, the film based on the bestselling book about the 2008 campaign. Joy Behar watched the movie over the weekend and talked about her surprise at seeing how unprepared Sarah Palin was for the campaign, “as are a lot of the candidates that we’ve been watching in the primary debates” to laughter from the audience. Elisabeth Hasselbeck hadn’t seen the movie yet (we also learned that all she watches on TV are “debates and ‘The Bachelor,'” which was endearing), but she disagreed that it was easy to tell who was and wasn’t prepared for the job of the presidency, arguing “in hindsight only can you see the global experience that a man or woman might have…”

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Barbara Walters took issue with Behar’s contention that so many of the presidential hopefuls are unprepared, citing Newt Gingrich’s 20 years of government experience as an example. “He’s overprepared!” Behar shot back. Elisabeth brought the conversation back to Sarah Palin, reminiscing about riding with her on McCain’s campaign bus to rallies, and saying that she saw the hectic campaign atmosphere up close and it was unsurprising that Palin would be so overwhelmed.

Well, sure, but isn’t the point that that was maybe a sign of poor qualifications? You can see the exchange below via ABC:

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