The View Condemns Hannity For ‘Fake News’ Jab at Trump Rally: Puts Fox News-ers in a ‘Really Tough Situation’


The View dug into Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Tuesday for his all-out shilling at President Donald Trump‘s final rally before the midterm elections.

Hannity has been getting a lot of heat for appearing with Trump and slamming the “fake news” Monday night, especially since he adamantly claimed, earlier Monday, that he would not be taking to the stage.

The panel talked about the blurred lines between Fox News and the White House — with former Fox News personality Meghan McCain lamenting the implications Hannity’s appearance would have on the network’s hard news division.

“I think of Bret Baier, Harris Faulkner and Shep Smith and the really good journalists who work at Fox, and this makes their life and their jobs much harder…”

Sunny Hostin took things up a notch by noting how Trump and Hannity’s latest slams on the media come shortly after the attempted mail bombing campaign against CNN and other critics of the president.

“He is adding to the danger that journalists are facing not only here, but all around the world,” Hostin said. “That is a despicable thing.”

Former Fox News host Abby Huntsman added: “My friend was in that audience, [Fox News reporter] Kristin Fisher, who is one of those reporters. He was pointing back to them. So I totally agree…And it puts them in a really tough situation.”

Even though The View didn’t bring it up, it’s worth noting that Fox opinion host Jeanine Pirro also campaigned on Trump’s behalf on Monday.

Watch above, via ABC.

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