The View Confronts Biden on Inappropriate Touching Allegations: ‘Are You Sorry For What You Did?’


Former Vice President Joe Biden defended his physical conduct with women on Friday in his first sit-down interview since announcing his 2020 candidacy.

Sunny Hostin brought up the controversy over Biden’s conduct as he spoke to The View, asking him, “Are you sorry for what you did? Are you prepared to apologize to those women?”

Biden acknowledged that he has to work on being more conscientious about womens’ personal space, but said he has never approached a woman with any other intent than to provide warmth and affection.

“A producer backstage said ‘I remember you’re were the only guy to get up and walk into the audience and talk to people.’ I think it’s important we listen. I think it’s important elected officials listen and understand what people are going through, and what they’re concerned about. I don’t think it’s old fashioned. Everybody should be doing that, but I have to be more careful.”

Biden continued by saying the objections from women who felt uncomfortable with him are “legitimate,” but no one has ever accused him of anything on the level of harassment. When Hostin and Joy Behar noted that some are asking for Biden to apologize, he answered “I’m really sorry if what I did in talking to them and trying to console – that they took it a different way.”

“I’m sorry this happened,” said Biden. “I’m not sorry in the sense that I think I did anything that was intentionally designed to do anything wrong or be inappropriate.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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