The View Slams Kellyanne: ‘Really, Really Slimy’ For Conway to Smear CNN’s Dana Bash


The View was the latest to weigh in on that really tense conversation between CNN’s Dana Bash and Kellyanne Conway about George Conway‘s anti-Trump tweets, and they, like many, thought Kellyanne was being ridiculous.

“I think the fact that the husband’s tweeting, that’s a public forum, so I think when you are putting yourself out there on social media in a public account, then you are free game,” Sara Haines said. “He’s not new to politics.”

“He’s a power player in D.C, ” Sunny Hostin added. “So when you have someone like that with a political background, a legal background that comes out on Twitter, I think it’s perfectly fair game.”

“Dana Bash, I worked with her,” Hostin continued. “She is lovely. She is honest. She’s a great journalist. And the fact that somehow it was a gotcha question I think is really, really slimy on Kellyanne Conway’s part.”

As the audience applauded Hostin’s point, Joy Behar chimed in with more.

“If I recall, maybe I’m wrong, she lost no opportunity to talk and discredit the Clintons, Hillary and Bill and his peccadillos from way back,” she said. “She was right there with that one. It’s really rich to hear how defensive she was.”

Meghan McCain was the only one on the panel to question Bash.

“I don’t think [Conway] should be responsible for her husband’s actions,” McCain said. “Dana Bash was married to a journalist at CNN. Does she want to be responsible for what he’s tweeting?”

Behar closed by saying: “[Kellyanne Conway] has no sense of humor. All you have to say is I tried to tie him up. It would have been so much easier.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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