The View Debates Whether James Comey is a ‘Political Animal’: He’s Supposed to be Apolitical!


James Comey‘s statement about the possible existence of the Donald Trump “golden showers” tape is rocking the political media world, and The View was all over it Friday.

Joy Behar, who was clearly pleased by the news, said Comey surprised her the most with his claim that the president asked him to investigate the tape’s existence because Melania Trump thought there was a chance it was real.

“If someone told you that your husband watched hookers pee on each other, would you think even for a minute there was a possibility? Even a one percent chance,” Behar said. “I can’t imagine my husband doing such a thing, and I would say, ‘What are you? Nuts?'”

As the panel considered how Trump apparently wanted the FBI under his thumb, Sunny Hostin passionately defended Comey by citing her Justice Department experience as a rebuke to the GOP’s “Lyin’ Comey” campaign. Even so, Meghan McCain pointed out the flaws in Comey’s effort to present himself as an non-political paragon of justice.

“He hasn’t done himself any favors,” McCain said. “He has made himself this highly political animal…You’re supposed to be completely separate, apolitical!”

Watch above, via ABC.

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