On The View Today: Whoopi Goldberg Argues In Favor Of Micro-Chipping Children

The decades-old missing persons case of Etan Patz, a young boy who went missing in SoHo in 1979, has been reopened after authorities discovered hair and a possible blood stain in a basement near the location where Patz is thought to have disappeared. His case was the genesis for the program that put photos of missing children on milk cartons, but The View host Whoopi Goldberg wondered if we should go further and start microchipping our children ā€” after all, we do it to our pets!

Co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sherri Shepherd agreed following a brief interruption by Whoopi’s earring, which fell onto the table and was eventually chucked off the set. Miraculously, everyone was able to stay on task and Sherri wondered if the chips could maybe be designed to dissolve by age eighteen. Fellow host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, however, wanted “extra tracking” once her kids reached that age. The only panelist to raise privacy concerns was Sherri, who made a rather dismissive reference to “Big Brother.” The distinction no one raised, however, is that animals are tracked because they can’t speak or ask someone to help them find their way home the way that most kids who are allowed to go out on their own should be equipped to do.

You can watch the clip here via ABC:

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