The View (Even Joy Behar) Grudgingly Gives Credit to Trump For Prisoner Release: ‘It’s a Good Day’

Donald Trump‘s actions don’t usually get a positive reception on The View. But today, the ladies said that the president accomplished something truly major by securing freedom for the three American men who were being held in a North Korean prison camp.

“You know, good for him. If it works, we’re happy for him,” said ardent Trump critic Joy Behar. “If he is on the right track, I give him credit for that. I just wish he would stop attacking the press and our American institutions because it’s eroding the democracy underneath our feet.”

Sara Haines said she at least hopes the big talk paid off for Trump because she doesn’t want him to be emboldened by “false confidence” in future diplomatic negotiations. While Behar isn’t so sure Trump’s rhetoric will solve anything with Iran, Meghan McCain pointed out that the developments in North Korea were “unprecedented” and made her feel hopeful about the whole situation.

Sunny Hostin agreed with McCain that it remains to be seen whether diplomacy will lead to any progress on North Korea’s regular human rights violations, but they agreed things are on the right track.

“It’s a good day,” McCain said.

Watch above, via ABC.

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