The View Finds ‘Unlikely Ally’ in Glenn Beck

When Glenn Beck uttered the words “Liberals, you were right” yesterday, a lot of people took notice. During a segment about Iraq on The View today, co-host Whoopi Goldberg mentioned Beck as an “unlikely ally” of the left on the issue.

Will Cain of Beck’s TheBlaze happened to be sitting in a guest host on the show and said he agreed with his boss’ assessment. “I think he’s right,” he said. “And I’m not just saying that because I draw a paycheck from that organization.”

But while he said the current crisis is “bigger” than both Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, Cain thinks America “would have ended up in Iraq no matter what.”

That comment got some push back from Goldberg who asked, “Would we have ended up there?” She pointed out that when the U.S. invaded the country in 2003, it was not terrorist haven that it is today. ‘What were we doing there?” she asked. “And how the hell do we get out?”

Watch video below, via ABC:

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