The View Grills George Papadopoulos: Did The Trump Campaign ‘Set You Up?’


President Donald Trump‘s former campaign adviser, George Papadopoulos, has been under fire for his efforts to arrange a meeting between his boss and Russian President Vladimir Putin — with his lies to investigators on the matter landing him 14 days in jail.

However, during his Tuesday appearance on The View, Papadopoulos argued the campaign was aware of his efforts, leading one of the show’s co-hosts to ask whether he’d been played.

The question arose as Papadopoulos recalled his interactions with Maltese professor and suspected Russian operative Joseph Misfud, who met with him in 2016, claiming he could help the Trump campaign obtain dirt on then challenger Hillary Clinton.

But the White House appears to have distanced itself from Papadopoulos, Trump dismissing him as an insignificant volunteer and Attorney General Jeff Sessions contending that he didn’t endorse a Trump-Putin summit.

“Did they set you up?” Whoppi Goldberg asked.

Papadopoulos then explained that following his interview to enter Trump’s campaign, his then current employer, the London Center of International Law Practice, sent him on a seemingly random trip to what he described as “some sort of spy school” in Rome where he encountered the professor.

“I have never heard of him before in my life,” he said of the time he met Misfud. “I have no idea why my old company introduced me to him,” adding that the professor told him, “I can organize meetings between the campaign and Russia.”

“It was suspicious,” Papadopoulos remembered. “I don’t know if it was pre-planned or whatnot, but it was very interesting.”

Of his contact with the professor, Papadopoulos said, “I told Trump himself, and I told Jeff Sessions and the whole campaign.”

Papadopoulos also lamented his decision to not immediately approach U.S. intelligence officials with information on his meeting with Misfud, calling it “the biggest regret I actually have.”

Watch the clip above via ABC.

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