The View Grills Matt Schlapp Over Michael Steele Diss: ‘What the Hell’ Does He ‘Have to Be Graceful For?’


CPAC head Matt Schlapp found himself in the hot seat on The View this morning, when Sunny Hostin confronted him about racially charged comments made by spokesman Ian Walters about former RNC head Michael Steele. (Walters said Steele only got the RNC top job because he “is a black guy.”)

Hostin echoed comments made by Steele himself, after Schlapp told him he should have “grace” regarding the comments by Walters.

“That was my reaction,” Hostin said. “I mean, what the hell does Michael Steele have to be graceful for?”

Schlapp responded by somehow suggesting that Walters was just making a comment on the GOP’s problem with race.

“What was not known at the time is that Ian, who is with me today, is a dark-skinned conservative who has strong opinions about the Republican party’s failure to reach out to diverse populations in an effective way,” he said.

“He wants them to be better. He was called up to the stage in a spontaneous way.”

Schlapp went on to say that Walters “wishes he could have sat down and through the words he would have used.”

Hostin wasn’t buying it, asking Schlapp “Then why did he call him a black guy and why did you tell him that he needed to be more graceful about it?”

The CPAC head doubled down on the notion that Walters, essentially, a victim in this scenario.

“I just wanted people to know the full story that Ian actually felt bad,” he said. “Ian called and asked him if he would accept his apology.”

Ana Navarro asked if he took “any action” against Walters for essentially calling Michael Steele a “token black.”

“I will not tell my dark-skinned colleague where I work that he’s not allowed to have a point of view of these racial questions we have as a society,” he responded. “Shutting people down is the wrong way to handle this.”

Hostin, again, was not having Schlapp’s boilerplate response.

“Isn’t the right way to handle it to shut down racism?” She asked. “Then why didn’t you do that?

“You’re a Notre Dame Catholic,” Hostin told her fellow Fighting Irish alum. “That’s what we are called upon to do.”

Schlapp ended the segment by reaffirming his belief that Walters is not racist.

“Talking about race is not racist,” he said.

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