The View Has a Field Day Over Mueller, SDNY Memos: Trump May Not Be Guilty But Looks Like ‘Individual-1’ Is

The View kicked off this morning with the memos from Robert Mueller and SDNY, with Joy Behar remarking, “I have to admit I’m not convinced that Trump is guilty of committing a crime, but it sure seems like Individual-1 is.”

As the hosts discussed, the Michael Cohen sentencing memo states that President Donald Trump directed the payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal. Trump downplayed it as a “simple private transaction” this morning.

Sunny Hostin also highlighted Cohen’s serious level of cooperation with Mueller’s office and how we don’t know the full scope of what the special counsel knows.

Abby Huntsman said while there’s no evidence of Russian collusion yet, “the thing I’ve been concerned about from the beginning has been campaign finance violations.” And she added that if Trump runs again and wins, he essentially gets off “scot-free” because of the statute of limitations.

Meghan McCain brought up campaign violations by the Obama 2008 campaign that were settled with a fine, saying, “I know that I’m getting this hysteria alarm every single morning and I’m trying to delineate between what’s fact and what’s not fact as someone who isn’t a lawyer.”

There may be something there, but McCain argued we’re “absolutely not” on the path to impeachment.

Watch above, via ABC.

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