The View Has Wacky, Intense Debate About the War on Christmas – in August


President Donald Trump talked about the war on Christmas at a rally in Tampa Tuesday, which was weird. Then on Wednesday, The View talked about the ethics of saying “Merry Christmas” for seven minutes, which was weirder.

For some reason, the ladies on the panel latched on to this particular Trump talking point from the Tampa rally, in which he claimed everyone says “Merry Christmas” because of his campaign.

“It’s July, why are we talking about Merry Christmas?” Sunny Hostin asked.

And that should’ve been the end of it, right? But it wasn’t.

“I worked on Fox for years and the war on Christmas is a real siren song to people on the right,” Meghan McCain explained. “I have never once said ‘Merry Christmas’ to anyone anywhere and been told that I offended them, so I always thought it was a little ridiculous.”

“But it is something people on the right in some areas of the country really, really think is a big thing,” she added. “They don’t want Christmas to go away.”

“I don’t mind that they’re obsessed with this if they would also be obsessed with the war on the press, the war on immigrants, the war on our democracy,” Joy Behar put in.

“Can I point something out?” Whoopi Goldberg interjected later on. “Maybe folks have forgotten. One of the great things about this democracy is you can have your belief system be whatever you want. So if I meet somebody, I say happy holidays because I don’t know if they’re Christians, I don’t know if they’re Jews. I don’t know if they’re Zoroastrians. But I want to say something sweet. So I say happy holidays.”

But the panel explained that saying “happy holidays” may be uncomfortable for people who want you to say “Merry Christmas,” and vice versa. (Yes, this is August; no, you have not entered an alternate hemisphere.)

“The idea that somehow I’m been insensitive or intolerant by saying Merry Christmas to someone is where this comes from and why he’s brilliant to do it,” McCain explained. “Here right now, just the mention of saying it’s more inclusive to say happy holidays, I don’t think I’m not inclusive. I think I’m a Christian and I celebrate Christmas and I would like to wish Merry Christmas to everyone.”

Things continued to escalate from there about who was offending whom by saying what, but the fact still remains: GUYS. IT’S AUGUST. WAIT A HOT SECOND ON THIS ONE.

Watch above, via ABC.

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