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The View Hosts Bond Over Coronavirus Stress-Eating Funyuns and Cheez Whiz Out of the Can: ‘Don’t Do the Finger’

The View hosts bonded over their coronavirus self-isolation consumption of Funyuns and Cheez Whiz canned cheese in a light moment during Thursday’s episode.

After Whoopi Goldberg asked her co-hosts whether there’s anything they’ve had trouble adjusting to during coronavirus self-isolation, Sunny Hostin replied, “I did eat almost an entire bag of Funyuns yesterday.”

“Why are you eating Funyuns, Sunny?” asked Goldberg.

“I love Funyuns, and I don’t know who brought them into the house,” Hostin replied.

“Like a kid,” Goldberg joked, before adding, “Well, I can’t get my chips. I can’t find my Wise potato chips anywhere. I’m unhappy. Oh, yeah. You know.”

“I know what’s happening to my body. My body knows,” she continued. “I have eaten every piece of junk food in the house, not because I needed it, but because I just thought, oh, I could eat that right now.”

In response to Hostin’s Funyun confession, Meghan McCain said, “That’s a pretty trashy snack for you, Sunny. It’s not what I imagined you eating at home.”

McCain, however, then confessed herself, “My favorite snack is Cheez Whiz from a can, so I’m not really in any place… I love it, I will always eat it.”

“On a finger or on a cracker?” asked Goldberg.

“It doesn’t really matter,” Meghan replied.

Sara Haines shot back, “Technically during these times, Meghan, you should just go straight to the mouth. Don’t do the finger.”

Cheeze Whiz comes in a jar, so McCain was likely referring to Easy Cheese, which is dispensed from a can.

Watch above via ABC.

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