‘The View’ Hosts Butwhatabout Biden’s ‘Where’s Jackie?’ Gaffe: ‘Trump Thought Frederick Douglass Was Still Alive!’


Co-hosts of The View brought up a Donald Trump gaffe, a 1980 Gallup poll, and a Whoopi Goldberg slip in a series of ‘butwhatabout’ defenses of President Joe Biden‘s latest “brain fart” moment in which he publically called out during a White House event for a Republican congresswoman who was recently killed.

“My gosh, come on,” said Goldberg to start the conversation, suggesting that people are only “going after” Biden for this because there’s nothing else about which to criticize him.

Speaking at a White House conference, President Biden asked for late Republican Rep. Jackie Walorksi, who was tragically killed in a car accident last month. The congresswoman was to be memorialized at the conference, which she was instrumental in bringing about. President Biden issued a statement on her death.

“Jackie, you here?” asked Biden from the podium. “Where’s Jackie?”

“I mean she passed last month, not like a hundred years ago,” said Whoopi of the incident. “Because we dealt with that as well, where people said that person who died a hundred years ago did a great job.”

“Well remember Trump thought Frederick Douglass was still alive,” said Joy Behar.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” Whoopi confirmed.

Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was pressed about the issue at Wednesday’s briefing and, in the opinion of many political observers, didn’t handle it very well. View co-hosts Alyssa Farah Griffin and Sara Haines were among those who said so.

But after Haines said that “brain farts” can and do happen to everyone, and Jean-Pierre should have just said that, Behar went back to butwhatabouting. WAAAAAY back, all the way to 1980.

“Well she couldn’t really move on so easily since the right wing has weaponized his gaffes,” Behar angrily objected.

“Those were not right-wing reporters,” pointed out Haines. “But in the past, yeah.”

“I mean they have weaponized the gaffes, they say that he’s senile,” Behar continued. “You know I found a Gallup poll from 1980 that showed that the number one concern about Ronald Reagan was that he, quote, ‘he puts his foot in his mouth without thinking or considering the consequences.'”

“And he had Alzheimer’s,” added Sunny Hostin. Hostin then referred to almost picking up the phone to call her deceased grandmother as a comparison to Biden asking twice for the whereabouts of a congresswoman he memorialized just a month ago after her tragic death.

“I think they need to stop weaponizing his age,” said Hostin.

The segment closed on a light-hearted note, though, when Whoopi had one more butwhatabout: her own.

Watch the clips above, via ABC.

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