The View Hosts Go After Floridians Refusing to Wear Masks in Viral Video: ‘That Was Crazytown’


The View hosts went after those refusing to wear masks amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic after sharing a viral clip of Floridians erupting at a county meeting in Palm Beach — leading Meghan McCain to compare them to “the rantings of someone at an airport bar.”

The hosts were stunned after watching the viral video, which shows Palm Beach residents furious at the idea of wearing a mask after a unanimous vote required them in the county. Florida counties announced the requirement after reaching record spikes in cases this week. The state announced its highest single-day spike on Friday, reporting close to 9,000 new cases.

“The biggest thing about them pushing back on the masks is this isn’t just about you,” guest host Sarah Haines said. “The point of wearing a mask is protecting everyone around you, and so my fear with this pandemic has never been, actually, deep down it was never that I would catch it. It was always that I would unknowingly give it to someone that didn’t fare well.”

The hosts agreed with Haines and were shocked by the strong opposition to listening to doctors during a health crisis, noting that this should not be dealt with as a political issue, which prompted Sunny Hostin to question their education.

“It’s so shocking to me. It was almost like, where are they getting the information that they’re spewing out, and now it’s making me question just education honestly,” she said. “Honestly, that was, like, Crazytown for me, and I just — I honestly feel that way.”

McCain questioned how those refusing to wear masks were raised, pointing out that nobody wants to cover their face in the summer, but people are doing it anyway to stay safe and to keep others safe.

Whoopi Goldberg later went on a rant against the mask truthers, noting that when they eventually contract the virus, they’re going to end up seeking help from the same doctors they rebuked.

“Here’s the deal. You don’t want to wear a mask? We just need to have your name and phone number so that when you get sick and you go rushing to the hospital for help, you know, people can actually say, oh, you’re the one who said don’t wear a mask, and here you are. You’re ill. See, I want to rub it in your face,” she said.

“I want to rub it in your face because that means that you, because of your insanity have taken time away from a doctor who could be working on someone who did do the right thing who got it anyway, see? But I’m a bad person because I’m saying, you know what? You don’t want to do it, fine, but don’t come looking for help when you need it because you will need it.”

Goldberg mocked those asking health experts to check their science and pointed out that nobody refusing to wear a mask is a doctor.

Watch above, via ABC.

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