The View Laments Trump ‘Using’ Mentally Unstable Kanye West: It’s a ‘Public Cry for Help’… And No One’s Helping


As part of a View discussion on the summit between Kanye West and President Donald Trump, the panel expressed concern over the rapper’s mental condition.

Meghan McCain began by talking about her grief over the death of her father, John McCain — saying she feels compassion for West as it seems to her that West can’t rely upon a support group like she has to help her cope.

“I don’t want my father’s death ever to be a crutch for bad behavior,” McCain said. “It’s a really hard thing to talk about and it’s a really hard thing to open up to, but when I came back on the show I knew it would be important because there are other people who have lost parents and I do wonder, like you said, where is the love and support in his life to not let him get manic.”

Abby Huntsman commented that the White House seemed to set up the whole thing as a media spectacle, which prompted Sunny Hostin to remark “It felt like they were using him.” Guest co-host Yvette Nicole Brown stater her belief that Trump and his inner circle probably laughed at West’s expense yesterday after their meeting was over.

“That’s our shame because no one’s helping,” Brown said. “I don’t know if he’s open to help but I just feel like this is a public cry for help and he’s not getting any help.”

McCain eventually brought the conversation full circle by arguing that the politics of the meeting didn’t matter so much as the fact that West didn’t act in a “professional manner.” She concluded by saying its alright to deal with issues stemming from grief or bipolar disorder, though she suggested that going on TV and behaving as West did isn’t a good idea.

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