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The View Laughs At Trump’s Doctored Hurricane Map: ‘What the Hell is Going On?’

The View had a laugh as they talked about President Donald Trump’s refusal to admit to a mistake with his Hurricane Dorian forecast predictions.

The discussion focused on how Trump keeps trying to prove he was right to predict that Alabama was in danger of being hit by the storm. The panel especially honed on #SharpieGate by talking about the forecast map Trump showed off that was altered with a magic marker in an apparent attempt to prove his point.

“Who is he? Al Roker?” Whoopi Goldberg gasped as she succumbed to helpless giggling. “What the hell is going on?”

“It also looks really phallic,” Meghan McCain said as she laughed at the shape of the trajectory. Joy Behar followed up with a zinger, saying “just because you sleep with somebody named Stormy, does not make you a weatherman.”

After Sunny Hostin explained the possible legal issues connected to Trump’s map, the panel continued by laughing over the reports (disputed by Trump) saying the president wanted to try stopping hurricanes by nuking them. Between this and the Alabama commotion, Behar took the opportunity to ask if this was further proof of Trump’s lies or his “mental decline.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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