The View Presses Adam Schiff on Hope Hicks: Can Little White Lies Lead to ‘Little White Perjury?’


The View welcomed former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and House intelligence co-chair Adam Schiff (D-CA) to discuss the recent onslaught of news, and they all had plenty to say.

The panel began with former White House Communications Director Hope Hicks‘ resignation after testimony to Schiff’s committee.

“She said she had said these little white lies,” Joy Behar said. “Number one, can that lead to little white perjury? That’s my first question. The second, the White House says the timing had nothing to do with anything. She just decided the next day. Do you buy that?”

“In fairness to Hope Hicks, I wish the conversations never left the committee,” Schiff answered. “The most significant issue I have with her testimony are the areas she refused to testify on the instructions of the White House. That’s not her fault. That’s the instructions of her employer.”

“And she can do that?” Behar asked.

“Well, she can’t unless we let her do that,” Schiff responded. “They need to be subpoenaed and compelled.”

Rice switched gears to discuss Russian meddling in the election.

“You are at the intelligence committee, probably the institution that has best access to what actually happened with the Russians. And my view is if the Russians did it to us the first time, shame on them. If they do it to us again, shame on us,” she said, to applause from the audience.

“How is the committee pursuing the issue of what they did and how we stop it? I could imagine that Vladimir Putin is ready to go again and we shouldn’t let him do that.”

“What we need, because you know how formidable the Russians are as an adversary, is a whole government response,” Schiff said. “There are still bipartisan sanctions sitting on the president’s desk that he refuses to implement. We need to send a clear message to Russia that any further meddling won’t be tolerated.”

“The price they care most is a price to their economy,” he added. “If you’re a viable opponent of the Kremlin you end up in jail or dead. What he does fear though is the power of people to gather in massive numbers and throw out their autocratic government and to the degree the Russian economy suffers and people take to the streets, that’s the threat he fears.”

Rice brought home the idea that despite politics, the issue needs to be resolved swiftly.

“I spent a lot of time in Washington and I know you got a really hard job and I appreciate what you’re doing for the country. But I really hope you can wrap it up,” she said. “The country needs to get back to business. So that’s my greatest hope.”

Watch the full segment above, via ABC.

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